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Time To Cycle

In November 2017, Time To Cycle, a network of cycling climate activists, peddled from Harwich to the COP23 climate change talks in Bonn. They rode to stand up for social and climate justice and to express solidarity with those on the frontline of climate change.

Radical Resilience Programme

Radical Resilience is St Ethelburga’s model for growing courage and purpose in an age of climate emergency. The programme utilises a values based approach to resilience, to equip people to face the truth about climate breakdown and to prepare inwardly and outwardly.

Better Health Bakery

Based in Haggerston, East London The Better Health Bakery is a social enterprise arm of The Centre for Better Health, a local charity working to promote well-being and support recovery from mental ill health. The artisan bakery provides trainee placements to individuals who might be distanced from the workforce. The aim is to build skills, confidence and a route to further training and employment.

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